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Welcome to Volterra, a jewel of Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance art in the stunning Tuscan countryside. This beautiful city dominates the Val di Cecina from the top of a hill at 550 meters above sea level. Together we will go on a magical journey of exploration, beginning with the Etruscans, through the Medici family, visiting the famous Porta all'Arco which dates back to fourth century BC, the Roman theater, Piazza dei Priori and much more.
The city is very famous for alabaster, a white mineral stone that is translucent and has been used to make statues since Etruscan times and is still the pride and joy of many artisans today. The tour can include a visit to an artisan workshop to see how alabaster is carved.

Archeological Guarnacci Museum: this museum was founded at the end of the 18th Century thanks to Monsignor Guarnacci who donated his collection to the city. We start with the Villanovian civilization, and continue with the Etruscan cinerary urns: each of them tells a story and reveals how the society evolved from an artistic, spiritual and social point of view. The famous “Shadow Of The Evening” and the “Urn of the Spouses” are just some examples of the masterpieces we will see together.
Civic Art Gallery, the Pinacoteca: a chronological journey through the history of art in Volterra that begins with a painted cross from the 12th Century, Pietà by Francesco di Neri… and ends in the 16th Century with masterpieces by Ghirlandaio, Rosso Fiorentino, Daniele da Volterra and Pieter de Witt among others.
Palazzo Vitti: an elegant historic mansion from the 18th Century, rich in art and history. It was the home of Giuseppe Viti, an important alabaster expert who made Volterra’s alabaster famous around the world.

Volterra Card (72 hours): 15 euros - Etruscan Museum "Guarnacci", Pinacoteca, Alabaster Museum, Palazzo dei Priori, Acropolis and Roman Cistern, Roman Theatre
Cathedral & Baptistery: 7 euros
Palazzo Viti: 5 euros
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Visit the famous Porta all'Arco, the Roman theater, Piazza dei Priori, an alabaster workshop and much more.


Learn about Volterra starting with the Etruscans all the way through the Medici family and to present day.


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