If you are hoping to experience Tuscany in a more original and personalized way, get inspired by looking through my tour ideas and then get in touch with me! Tell me about yourself, who you are traveling with, where you want to go, and what you like. This will allow me to create a custom half-day, full day or multi-day tour that is perfect for you. I can incorporate not only history and art but also local culture, traditions, crafts, food and wine.


If you are planning a trip to Tuscany, you already know it is full of amazing sites to see. There are dozens of chances to visit UNESCO world heritage sites, as well as endless monuments, museums, basilicas, squares, galleries, towns and breathtaking countryside scenery straight out of a movie. Let’s go discover these places together! I can take you to some of my favorite places you won’t find in a guidebook while still making sure you get to experience the destinations on your bucket list in stress-free and meaningful ways. 


Some of my most popular itineraries include: Florence artisans and their creations, Michelangelo’s life and works, and the market walk through San Lorenzo market with truffle sandwich and home made gelato. Check out the TOURS page for the complete list and descriptions.



At the start of your private half-day walking tour of Florence, I can meet you in downtown Florence at the location you prefer, such as your hotel or Ponte Vecchio. Our first stop will be the 14-century Ponte Vecchio, which translates to Old Bridge, lined with tiny jewelry and gold shops since 1593. I will transport you back to Renaissance times with fascinating stories and local knowledge as you walk the very same streets as the famous painters, architects, and inventors of Tuscany. We will walk along the portico-covered passageway outside the immense Uffizi Gallery, one of the most important museums in the world. Upon arriving in Piazza della Signoria, Florence’s main square, you will see the fake David and the buildings of the Florentine city hall and county government offices, as well as Neptune’s Fountain and Loggia dei Lanzi. It’s hard to imagine the sheer size of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, also referred to as the Duomo of Florence, until you turn a corner and are overwhelmed by the beauty and height of Brunelleschi’s famous dome, Giotto’s colorful Bell Tower, and the carved bronze Baptistery doors across from the entrance of the main church. Your tour will end with one of the highlights of Florence as you experience a small but very important museum called Galleria dell’Accademia with me. This museum features Michelangelo’s original David and his stunning unfinished sculptures called Slaves or Captives. It is still under debate whether he was unable to complete them or left them intentionally unfinished to symbolize the struggle of humankind to escape material bondage. You can also enjoy a tiny collection of rare musical instruments housed in the museum, some by Antonio Stradivari.

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I will meet you at your hotel or in front of the Uffizi Gallery in the historic city center of Florence and using skip-the-lines entrance tickets we will begin this private experience through the most visited museum in Italy. During a private tour with me, the Uffizi becomes more understandable and enjoyable, as I take you to see the most impressive masterpieces of the Uffizi and explain famous paintings so they can be appreciated not only by art lovers, but by children of all ages and casual tourists as well. The Uffizi’s U-shaped building was created to serve as administrative offices and as a private space to house the personal collection of the fabulously rich and powerful Medici family. It is home to Botticelli’s Venus and Primavera, Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation, Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo, Piero della Francesca’s Portraits of the Dukes of Urbino and many others. A three hour tour is the perfect amount of time to spend in this impressive museum to get a wonderful overview!

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Let me tell you a little secret: although my tours mainly focus on art and history, I absolutely love doing tours focused on Italian food as well. I am a true foodie at heart, and love to learn about and taste all the mouthwatering typical foods when traveling. Come join me for a private three-hour walking tour in English exploring all the best foodie finds in Florence’s historic city center. I will come to get you directly at your hotel or we can meet in front of a great local café. Just like any typical day for me (and for millions of Italians!), a foodie tour must start with an Italian espresso or cappuccino (of course standing up at the bar like a local) and a casual chat about Florentine coffee and pastry culture. Then I will take you around the city to experience the best foods that Florence has to offer. We will definitely explore the historic Mercato Centrale (central market) where vendors often offer samplings of their products like prosciutto (ham), pecorino (sheep milk cheese), sundried tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil. The market is a foodie dream filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, fresh meats, salt-cured meats, and cheeses. It is a true Italian farm-to-table experience with most products being locally grown and raised. I can even guide you through the purchasing of food gifts to take back home with you or to enjoy later at your hotel. Your private tour will end near the Duomo with a little tasting of artisanal chocolate … Yum!!!  


The Chianti Classico wine region is truly the heart of Tuscany and produces one of Italy’s most important red wines. Either in your own rental car, or with a private vehicle and licensed driver, we will spend a day exploring the countryside just 30 minutes from the center of Florence. We will make our way on a leisurely drive through the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany and past cypress-lined driveways as I recount the history and legends of this famed land. At our first stop, a beautiful and welcoming Chianti winery, our hosts will be waiting for us, and will provide a guided winery visit during which you will learn how Chianti Classico is made. Now it is time for a tasting of their signature wines and if you are interested, you can try their flavorful extra virgin olive oil drizzled on a piece of crusty Tuscan bread. There are two charming Chianti villages that I highly recommend to see during this tour: either Greve in Chianti or Castellina in Chianti. I will give you a guided tour of the town of your choice, showing you interesting sites and shops filled with local products. Besides wine and olive oil, this area is also well known for its production of salt-cured meats, pecorino sheep cheese and honey. For lunch, you can let me know if you would prefer a sit-down meal to try the typical local dishes, or something light and quick like a local gourmet panino or even a Michelin star restaurant. In the afternoon, I will have pre-arranged another winery visit where you can keep deepening your knowledge of the local wines and of course tasting them to compare! I am happy to assist with any wine purchases you would like to make and we can stop at picturesque overlooks on our way back to Florence, perhaps even Piazzale Michelangelo for a stunning view over the rooftops, Brunelleschi’s dome, and the Arno River.

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If you are staying in the Tuscan city of Siena, or want to do a day trip to this delightful small city, then a half-day private walking tour with me is the best way to discover its secrets and masterpieces. I will come to collect you at your hotel in the city center, or we can meet up in front of the Basilica di San Domenico if you are arriving that morning. The stunning Basilica is perched on top of one of the three hills of Siena, at the entrance to the historic city center across from the soccer stadium and fortress. Siena is still protected by medieval walls with impressive doors, but boasts an origin even older than this. We will begin with a visit inside San Domenico where you can see the holy relics of St. Catherine, one of the Patron Saints of Italy and the person said to be responsible for returning the Papacy from Avignon to Rome. Next I will take you through the ancient streets to the Duomo, the main Cathedral of Siena, one of the finest Gothic cathedrals in all of Italy with unforgettable frescoes in the Piccolomini Library and special tiled floors that are periodically uncovered for viewing. From here we can visit some of Siena’s beautiful public fountains, while I explain the incredible aqueducts that run underneath the city even today. The most important fountain is Fonte Gaia, a monumental fountain located in the Piazza del Campo, which is actually a replica as the original panels are housed in the Santa Maria della Scala museum. The famous Piazza del Campo is a shell shaped square at the heart of Siena with its soaring Torre del Mangia tower and the buildings of the City Hall which also include a museum with an entire room filled with Lorenzetti’s Allegory of Good and Bad Government frescoes. Each year the square is packed with dirt and transformed for the Palio horserace which is run twice a year on July 2nd and August 16th with 10 of the 17 contrada neighborhoods competing. As the tour concludes, I can take you to taste a local almond pastry called ricciarelli in a local bakery or perhaps enjoy a gelato from one of the shops lining the main streets shooting off from the main square.

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Join me for a wonderful day discovering the Jewish heritage of Florence and the highlights of the two main museums, the Uffizi Gallery and Accademia, without getting overwhelmed by all the incredible history and art there is to experience. Our first stop will be Florence’s magnificent Synagogue, dating back from the end of the 19th century.  As I take you through the adjacent museum, you will learn about the Jewish population of Florence that existed here since the Middle Ages. From the center of Jewish life, we will make our way to the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, a small museum that provides a more intimate feeling as we view Michelangelo’s original David. The statue was originally located in Piazza Signoria, but was brought to this gallery in 1873, and given a much needed cleaning with the help of special restoration technology in 2004 to celebrate his 500th birthday. Our next stop during this full day Florence tour will be the main Cathedral of Florence, also called the Duomo. We will stop in front of one of the bronze doors of the Baptistery building to see the Gates of Paradise (now a replica), illustrating the crucial chapters of the Tanach in its ten panels, cast by Lorenzo Ghiberti with incredible mastery. As we head toward the Uffizi Gallery, we will walk through Piazza Repubblica where the old Jewish ghetto was once located, later dismantled during the Italian unification. I can also show you some inscriptions in Via delle Oche which refer to two Synagogues that originally stood in this location. It is time for the Uffizi - now a public museum –it was once a private collection to be visited upon invitation of the Medici family. They have been creating the collection from at least 1584 and today the Uffizi houses one of the most precious painting collections in the world featuring Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio. After visiting the Uffizi, we will walk across Ponte Vecchio, the most famous bridge, in whose proximity the earliest Jewish settlement was located, unfortunately destroyed during WWII.

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I will meet you in front of the enormous façade and entrance to the Pitti Palace complex dating back to the 1400’s, for a private half-day tour to discover the treasures housed within these imposing walls. The Palace, located near the Ponte Vecchio on the South side of the Arno river, saw the rise and fall of four dynasties: the Medici, the Habsburg-Lorraine, Napoleon, and most recently the Savoy who were the kings of Italy until 1946. Each successive owner added to the incredible works of art including paintings, furniture, costumes, jewelry and precious gold and silver items. Unless you request otherwise, our focus will be on the most representative part of the building, the Palatine Gallery: located on the noble floor of the building. It includes more than 500 Renaissance paintings by Raphael, Titian, Perugino, Peter Paul Rubens and Pietro da Cortona. Although now a state museum, the Palazzo Pitti has retained the feeling of a private collection, with most of the rooms being decorated with antique furniture and objects collected by the different families living there over the centuries. The ceiling frescoes that follow the sequence of the deities based on Ptolomaic cosmology: Venus, Apollo, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. They reference the planets that the friend of the Medici family, Galileo Galilei, observed and studied. Time permitting, I would be delighted to take you to the splendid fountains and grottoes of the Boboli gardens created by the Medici family, or to one of the other lesser known collections within the Palazzo including the Royal Apartments, Modern Art Gallery, Silver Museum, Porcelain Museum or Carriages Museum.

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This full day tour of Florence is for anyone who wants to experience first hand the Florence of the powerful Medici Family. I will tell you exciting stories of rivalry, riches beyond belief, and the powerful family that ran Florence for centuries. Our first stop during our walking tour in Florence will be the Convent of St Mark, where Cosimo the Elder spent the last days of his life. This community was also the home of one of the Medici’s fiercest enemies: the Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola, who inspired Florence citizens with an austere lifestyle. We will walk through the vibrant outdoor market until we reach the Church of San Lorenzo that was remodeled at the request of the Medici family and later became their “private church.” It features Brunelleschi’s Old Sacristy, one of the most important examples of early Renaissance architecture placing importance on proportion and unity of elements. Now it is on to to the Medici Chapel, a private mausoleum of the Grand Dukes, where you can admire Michelangelo’s New Sacristy and his amazing statues sculpted for the Medici tombs. After a break for lunch, we will continue our tour with the first of the prestigious Medici residences, the Medici Riccardi Palace. This is the place where Lorenzo the Magnificent lived and had a young talented boy named Michelangelo as a permanent guest for some years. We won’t miss the Magi Chapel inside, showing the journey of the three Kings upon the background of a lush landscape, dotted with family portraits. We will finish at Palazzo Vecchio, today the City Hall of Florence, which was the residence of the family in the 16th century.


Join me for a half-day tour with an intriguing itinerary that will take us to follow in the footsteps of Michelangelo, or the Divine One as he is often called. I will introduce you to his life and personality through the many works located in Florence, a city he loved dearly! Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in Tuscany to a banking family and moved to Florence shortly after his birth. Although having spent 30 years of his life in Rome, he always felt homesick for his native Florence and requested to be buried here upon his death.   Michelangelo represents the true essence of the Renaissance Man- a painter, sculptor, architect and poet. He was prolific and lived a long life, becoming one of the most important artists of the 16th century.  Together we will visit Casa Buonarroti, the house his relatives rebuilt in his honor where we can see his earliest sculptures and some of his sketches. The tour will then proceed to the Accademia to admire the world famous original David, perhaps the most famous sculpture in the world made from an enormous block of Carrara Marble. Then we will move on to the Medici Chapels with the New Sacristy designed by the great artist and decorated with his majestic sculptures.


Historically, Florence has been recognized across Europe for the quality of its fabrics and embroidery. In more recent times, Florence has gained prominence in the fashion world with the first fashion shows and some of the world’s most famous brands being established here such as Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Salvatore Ferragamo. The Florence fashion scene is now known for its icons of beauty and timeless elegance.   Come experience the amazing Florence fashion scene with a fashion professional guide, Barbara Chiucini, who received her Fashion Marketing degree at Florence Polimoda Institute and worked for many years as product manager. During your private tour with her, Barbara will customize and enhance your fashion and lifestyle experience. You can choose to either visit famous brands or instead choose to discover the local artisans and designers with their small shops and unique products. The second represent the core of the Florentine tradition: unique luxury jewelry, bespoke clothing and shoes, leather items, custom made perfumes, interior design objects and much more. Come discover for yourself the new Renaissance of Florence, thanks to the presence of gifted craftsmen and contemporary artisans. During your private 4-hour tour you can stop for a coffee or aperitivo break, savoring the pace of the Italian dolce vita! Please do let us know ahead of time if you have any specific stores you would like to visit or would like a fitting for handmade items.


After meeting up in the heart of Pisa, I will take you on a private walking tour to discover the many beautiful sites and fascinating history of what was once one of the most important cities in Italy. During the Middle Ages, Pisa became one of the most powerful cities in Europe, one of the four Maritime Republics of Italy and controlled 80% of the Mediterranean trading activities. It is the birthplace of Galileo Galilei and Leonardo Fibonacci (just to mention a couple important names) and today it is mainly renowned for the Leaning Tower, sometimes overshadowing its many other wonderful sites. The Piazza dei Miracoli, or Miracle Square, is where you will find the bell tower better known as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is one of the most interesting sites in Italy and is rich with many legends and incredible history. You can choose to climb the 296 steps to the top for an incredible view or pose for a few photos from the ground instead. From the Baptistery, which is the biggest in Europe, to the majestic Duomo main cathedral of Pisa, with its beautiful bronze doors, to the Monumental Cemetery, the Miracle Square is a unique and breathtaking complex. However, the city does not start and end in this Piazza, there are many other highlights to discover. In the city center we can explore the Piazza dei Cavalieri, the political center, the elegant riverbanks adorned with ancient palaces, each one with a story and legend to share. So come and discover with me the beauty of Pisa discovering much more than just why its bell tower leans.

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I always recommend meeting in San Gimignano in the morning for this tour, as we will likely find many fewer tour groups than in the afternoon. In the middle ages this charming hilltop town boasted 72 towers, celebrating the wealth and the power of the different merchant and moneylender families. Conspicuous consumption in the middle ages was all about building the tallest and most impressive tower, something modern Italians do now with the flashiest and most expensive Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati! During this full day tour, I will take you to discover how the town is today, with its 14 remaining towers. After meeting up at one of the two main city gates where the medieval city walls are still completely visible, we will head up into the town, stopping at the most interesting points along the way and learning about the history. We will certainly stop at Torre Cugnanesi and the three main squares, the first one named after the cistern at its center, the second where City Hall and Duomo face each other across the little market square, called Piazza delle Erbe. The Duomo in San Gimignano is one of the few churches in Italy that is completely frescoed. Franco Zeffirelli, famous Italian movie director, filmed Tea with Mussolini at the end of the 90s in this church. The Civic Museum holds a precious collection of wooden paintings dating from the 13th to 16th Centuries, works by artists such as Benozzo Gozzoli, Filippino Lippi and Pinturicchio. We won't leave San Gimignano without tasting the best gelato in Tuscany! Squeeze into the tiny shop and pick from unique and delicious flavors, some only available at this gelateria. Right before lunch we will head on to another medieval town, Siena, and after a break for a meal in a local trattoria, we will arrive to Italy's most unique square, the shell shaped Piazza del Campo. The Town Hall is located in this square in a prominent position, which has been the political center of Siena for the last seven centuries as well as the location of the twice-yearly famous horse race, the Palio. Together we will climb to the highest of the three hills of Siena to reach the Duomo, considered one of the finest Gothic cathedrals in Italy with unforgettable frescoes in the Piccolomini Library. And as we say “dulcis in fundo” or “sweets at the end,” we will end your tour with a taste of local ricciarelli, our typical almond pastry.


If you love horseracing or are just fascinated by Siena’s Palio horserace, then come spend three hours with me getting an insider’s view of this charming city and learning about the fascinating history and traditions of this exciting event. Twice every summer, on July 2nd and August 16th, the whole city of Siena, along with its inhabitants and visitors, experiences a sort of collective time travel - returning to the glorious times of the medieval Republic of Siena as it existed hundreds of years ago. This special event is called the Palio, and it is the most famous horse race in Italy and perhaps the world. Actually, the few minutes of the race itself is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, because the culture of the Palio runs deep and touches nearly every aspect of the daily lives of the people in the community, especially those who take part in their contrada (Palio neighborhood). During the Siena Palio tour, I will help you to discover the unique blend of passion, love, madness and pride that the Palio represents to the people of Siena. You will get to see the places related to this tradition such as a contrada fountain, where babies are baptized to become official members, the church where the horse gets blessed, and a private contrada museum that is considered to be like the shrine and contains all the symbols and trophies of past wins. Of course we must also visit the churches related to the consecration of the Palio winner: Santa Maria in Provenzano in July and the Cathedral or Duomo in August. The last part of the tour will be on the famous Piazza del Campo shell shaped square in the heart of Siena where the race is run, and I will recount the many stories I have from attending the Palio horserace so it comes alive for you as well. If you would like to attend the actual Palio with me, or a pre-race trial run in the days leading up to the event, please get in touch and I can create a custom tour just for you.

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The city of Lucca is a small treasure to discover, with its Medieval and Renaissance style streets and its imposing city walls that are almost intact and circle the city. In the past it was known as the city of 100 churches and bell towers (although there aren’t that many left now), and it is filled with hidden beauties to explore at every turn. I will meet you in an easy to find location to take you on a wonderful private tour to get to know the city in depth and to appreciate its history, art, traditions and culture. During your three hour walking tour with me, I will reveal fascinating legends and traditions that you cannot find in tour books, and will introduce you to the best gourmet shops and typical foods from the local area. We can start at the Basilica of San Frediano, with its bright 13th Century façade and then arrive to the famous Piazza Anfiteatro. Now following Via Fillungo, the most fashionable and well-known street, we will walk past ancient botteghe (shops) and elegant palaces until we arrive to Piazza San Martino with the Duomo. This cathedral is a shrine of one of the most important symbols of the city - the Holy Cross of the Volto Santo (one of the most ancient crucifixions that exist). We will continue to Piazza Napoleone, redesigned during the Napoleonic dominion. Our last square will be the former Roman forum, today known as Piazza San Michele, finishing our tour with the lovely house of opera composer Giacomo Puccini.

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This day trip is dedicated to discovering the amazing wines and cheeses of Tuscany as well as the incredible scenery in Southern Tuscany.  It is the perfect full day tour for people who love photography, so have your camera ready for memorable landscapes. Our first stop will be in Montepulciano, perched on one of the highest hills in Tuscany with incredible views to the valley spread out below. It boasts many art treasures and impressive palaces. Here the streets are lined with historic wine cellars, where red wines are aged, the most famous being the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. This DOCG wine made from Sangiovese grapes got its name as the “King of Tuscan wines” because the nobility sought it out for its superior quality and taste. During your stroll around the town you will visit one of the ancient vaulted cellars to get a taste for yourself. You can also taste local extra virgin olive oil, honey and salt cured meats produced in the local area. For lunch we will stop in Pienza, a 20-minute drive across the Val d’Orcia from Montepulciano. The main street of Pienza is filled with tiny gourmet cheese and food shops where you can taste many different varieties of pecorino sheep cheese. There are many different ages and types, including: aged in walnut leafs, covered in ashes, or packed with grape skins to make “drunk” cheese. This small village, redesigned in the 15th Century at the request of Pope Pius II, who was born here, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is the first example of city planning. In the afternoon we will continue on to Montalcino, to visit its fortress and stroll through the narrow streets with incredible views. Of course we won’t miss out on the most important activity in Montalcinio - a tasting of the world famous Brunello wine perhaps at the fortress wine shop or at a local winery.


An English-speaking driver will pick you up at the dock in Livorno and he will drive you to the Renaissance city of Florence. The first place you are going to see is Piazzale Michelangelo, the most amazing lookout point over Florence where you can take some memorable photographs and see the bronze replica of Michelangelo’s David. Next, your driver will take you down into the historic city center where I will be waiting for you! We will walk to the Ponte Vecchio or Old Bridge lined with jewelry shops since 1593 when a Medici duke issued an edict for goldsmiths to replace all of the butcher shops previously lining the sides of the bridge. We will make our way past the Uffizi Gallery to see the copy of the David where Michelangelo’s real David once stood in Piazza della Signoria, headquarters of the Florentine city and county government. The Palazzo Vecchio dominates the square and this is where Dante Alighieri was an alderman in the 1300’s. It’s hard to imagine the size of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore aka the Duomo in Florence until you turn a corner and find it towering in front of you. It is famous for Brunelleschi’s dome, Giotto’s colorful bell tower and the carved bronze Baptistry doors across from the entrance of the main church. If you would like, we can add a stop at the Accademia, to see Micheangelo’s original David. We are happy to book entrance tickets ahead of time to allow you to skip the long lines at the entrance. After a break for lunch you’ll be able to enjoy some leisure or shopping time in this fashion capital of Tuscany before meeting back up with your driver to head to Pisa. Here you will stop in the Miracles Square or Piazza dei Miracoli to see the worldwide famous Leaning Tower and the massive Cathedral next to it. Your shore excursion is coming to an end and your driver will take you back to the ship in time for boarding.


An English-speaking driver will pick you up at the dock in Livorno and he will drive you Lucca to meet up with me, your guide for the day! The exploration of the city starts with a short walk on the massive walls that circle the entire city, now used as a walking and biking path for citizens and tourists alike. We will then continue on towards the Basilica of San Frediano and to Piazza Anfiteatro – the most unique corner of this town as all the houses here are resting on the actual Roman Amphitheater. Next we will make our way along the main street known as Fillungo – literally Long Thread – with its elegant stores and jewelry shops, the Cathedral of St Martin and Napoleon square, witnessing the recent but short French domination of this town. The tour will finish in Piazza San Michele in Foro, whose beauty is owed to the palaces of the ancient merchant families who accumulated their money trading silk. After a lunch break, you’ll be able to enjoy some leisure time to shop or walk in Lucca. Then you will meet back up with your driver to head to Pisa. Here you will have plenty of time to enjoy the Miracle Square or Piazza dei Miracoli to see the worldwide famous Leaning Tower and the massive Cathedral next to it as well as the monumental cemetery and impressive baptistery. Just let me know if climbing the Leaning Tower is a priority and I can pre-book tickets for you so you can climb the 296 steps to the top. Your driver will then pick you up in order to be back to the ship in time!


Welcome to Volterra, a jewel of Etruscan, Roman, Medieval and Renaissance art in the stunning Tuscan countryside. This beautiful city dominates the Val di Cecina from the top of a hill at 550 meters above sea level. Together we will go on a magical journey of exploration, beginning with the Etruscans, through the Medici family, visiting the famous Porta all'Arco which dates back to fourth century BC, the Roman theater, Piazza dei Priori and much more. The city is very famous for alabaster, a white mineral stone that is translucent and has been used to make statues since Etruscan times and is still the pride and joy of many artisans today. The tour can include a visit to an artisan workshop to see how alabaster is carved. Museums: Archeological Guarnacci Museum: this museum was founded at the end of the 18th Century thanks to Monsignor Guarnacci who donated his collection to the city. We start with the Villanovian civilization, and continue with the Etruscan cinerary urns: each of them tells a story and reveals how the society evolved from an artistic, spiritual and social point of view. The famous “Shadow Of The Evening” and the “Urn of the Spouses” are just some examples of the masterpieces we will see together. Civic Art Gallery, the Pinacoteca: a chronological journey through the history of art in Volterra that begins with a painted cross from the 12th Century, Pietà by Francesco di Neri… and ends in the 16th Century with masterpieces by Ghirlandaio, Rosso Fiorentino, Daniele da Volterra and Pieter de Witt among others. Palazzo Vitti: an elegant historic mansion from the 18th Century, rich in art and history. It was the home of Giuseppe Viti, an important alabaster expert who made Volterra’s alabaster famous around the world. Tickets: Volterra Card (72 hours): 15 euros - Etruscan Museum "Guarnacci", Pinacoteca, Alabaster Museum, Palazzo dei Priori, Acropolis and Roman Cistern, Roman Theatre Cathedral & Baptistery: 7 euros Palazzo Viti: 5 euros